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How Touchpoint Makes Life Easy for IT Departments

Ahh, the IT department - a team crucial to any modern establishment, and schools are no exception. They are constantly putting out fires behind the scenes and have an ever-increasing workload. For some schools, it’s just one poor soul responsible for it all...

“I’m a one-person department. I have my hands in just about everything if it has a power cord connected to it…”

- IT Director in Ohio

...and that’s just not fair! On top of that, IT departments have to deal with a bunch of other headaches.


Between things like implementing new technology, making sure their users are competent with the new additions, and squashing any other bugs that might show up - IT workloads are constantly overflowing.




The good news is that Touchpoint exists to help IT succeed.


Here are some of the ways that we make life easier for IT.



Guided Implementation Process


Touchpoint’s talented support team walks you through the setup of our devices from start to finish.


With our White Glove Service and Support, we’re here to help with anything you need from the moment you plug in our smartclocks.


From repairs to remote support, we’ve got you covered.





Full Integration With Frontline Time and Attendance


Some departments have already implemented Frontline Time and Attendance for their districts, and that’s awesome!


But even with the best software in place, there can still be a host of issues when it comes down to actually using it.


That’s why Touchpoint’s clocking solutions are designed from the ground up to work flawlessly with Frontline. Power on, and your staff can get to clocking!



Easy for End Users


Potentially the most important aspect for IT folks - our smartclocks are just as easy to use for your staff as they are for the technology department to install


This quote from an IT Director in Connecticut says it best, 

“...I tell these people at the school that if there’s an issue with it, you just press and hold the button for 5 seconds, and it goes ahead and reboots into the software… it would be simple enough for an end-user to get it back online. It’s not as easy with another platform…”

Making sure our time clocks are simple to use for the not-so-tech-savvy crowd is something that can’t be overlooked. We even include quick start guides for your IT department to break down the ins and outs of our devices.




Convinced that Touchpoint is the solution your technology staff desperately needs? Contact us today to learn more about the many ways we can help you succeed!


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