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3 Awesome Ways Touchpoint Simplifies Implementation

Let’s be honest - we’ve all tried putting things together without reading the instructions before.




And if there’s anything we’ve learned from doing so, it’s that there is a fairly low success rate (and our furniture is always lopsided for some reason). 


So to help your district get up and running smoothly with hardware for Frontline Time and Attendance, here are three ways that we streamline the implementation process for you from start to finish



Plug and Play Devices


Face Off Image_1629


From our DIY devices to our Timeclocks, we have designed everything to be plug-and-play from the very beginning to guarantee a smooth setup


This means that our DIY components are preconfigured for your situation and work the moment you plug in the USB cable. 


And for our Tablets and Timeclocks that are driven by Windows-based devices, they turn on as soon as they’re plugged in!



Guided Process


no headache


It’s nice to have someone by your side. It’s also nice to hit your go-live dates on time and not have to blame setbacks on a long setup time


We reach out immediately to your IT department to make sure you’re taken care of via either phone or email - whichever works best for you!


Then, we walk you through connecting to your network, entering your URL for Frontline, and making sure that your scanning system is setup properly to avoid potential headaches down the road.



White Glove Service and Support


But of course, no one is perfect.




There are thousands of districts out there. Even with plug-and-play devices and guided support, we can’t predict every situation (although we try!)


So should anything ever pop up, just give us a ring or shoot us an email and our stellar support team will be ready to jump on it.

Anytime we have needed help, we have always been able to speak with someone immediately.

- IT Department in Rhode Island

Feeling confident about our devices? Chat with one of our sales representatives today and get a head start on next school year's time collection!


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