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Touchpoint's Core Values

If you've ever visited the About Us page on our website, you might have seen our list of core values towards the bottom of the page.


Here at Touchpoint, we are intentional about reviewing our core values, and evaluating how we are doing compared to them. 


Over the past couple of months, I took some time each week to share what each of these core values means to me with the rest of the team. It not only served as a reminder for my colleagues, it also solidified in my mind why these core values are critical to Touchpoint's culture.


Core Value #1: Find a way to win


Everyday we face a new challenge. Sometimes the challenge is simple, and other times the challenge tests our resolve. No matter what that challenge is, we find a way to win. We are creative in problem solving.

It's easy to try the same solutions over and over again but for new challenges, that won’t always cut it. We know we have to be truly determined to meet our goals if we want to win.

There of course will be times where people fall short of reaching their goal, but what separates the winners from the losers is the ability to look at failure as an opportunity to conquer the next challenge that comes their way.

The best way to face failure is to take ownership, and use it to prove to others that when you get knocked down you get right back up.

Find a way to win, no matter how many tries it takes.


Core Value #2: Strive for progress, not perfection


We live in a world where new things are being developed all the time, at an exponential rate.

At Touchpoint, we know we won’t always be the smartest people in the room. But what that allows us to do is learn! We can be inspired and motivated by new innovations to push ourselves to grow.

One thing that everyone at Touchpoint has learned is to ALWAYS be ready for change, no matter what that looks like.


Core Value #3: embrace the simple life


We all fall victim to all the unnecessary distractions each day throws at us.

That's why we want to find strategies to help us focus. A lot of the time it's a simple strategy like silencing notifications until you complete your task.

Design systems to make complicated tasks simple quickly. This will allow for more time to develop new ideas and strategies.

And finally focus on what's most worthwhile and do what you can to get there ASAP.


Core Value #4: Champion a trailblazer mindset


To move forward in anything we need to take risks, and expect a challenge when we do! Nothing is handed to us.

That being said, challenges don't need to be faced alone. We have  a great team that is always ready to help out.

We believe in being intentional when taking on a challenge. But we also make sure they are challenges worth doing and result in something new so we can build the future!


Core Value #5: Sweat the small stuff


If we want to create big things, we first need to focus on the small things. We want to let the small things be the foundation that enables us to conquer the big projects and ideas we have.

Whether it’s taking a little extra time in the morning to dress confidently, or making sure the silverware and plates are fully stocked for everyone, or even taking a few moments to clear your mind so you can get back on track, they all have an impact on our workflow throughout the day.

It’s easy to overlook smaller tasks, but they play a big roll in our daily productivity and should be sought after during the day.

We all try to take a little extra time to set ourselves up for success with some smaller tasks so that we can achieve the bigger things.


Core Value #6: Lead by serving


My team's growth is on my shoulders, and so is my own.

We want to work in an environment where we are able to help each other. We all play a vital role in this company by doing our own work, but what can really make us shine is when we step up and help each other work through difficult situations.

Our teammates often display this core value time and time again by offering to help departments other than our own.

We also see it every day when each of us is about to leave. We make sure to go around and ask each other how we can help someone finish the day strong. It's easy to relax when we finish our tasks for the day, but this team has shown time and time again that we want everyone to succeed and that is a trend that I hope to continue to observe time and time again!

Comfort and complacency are the enemies of progress. If we want to succeed as individuals and as a company, we need to put each other in the position to succeed!


These are the core values we at Touchpoint align with in every level of the organization. What are some core values you've seen bring meaning to what you do?