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Here's How Time Collection Boosts Efficiency in Your District

In a recent post by our partners at Frontline, they covered the important role that time collection hardware plays in a well-oiled time and attendance system.


However, that hardware must embody three core pillars in order to be as accurate as possible: Seamless for Admins, Easy for Employees, Simple for IT.



Seamless for Admins

District admins are having new challenges thrown at them left and right. One of the latest hardships they’re faced with is ensuring that employees are being paid correctly. Admins need their data to be clear, concise, and easy to access - and not to mention securely stored. 


Readily-accessible data allows payroll to be processed on time, preventing mistakes and last-minute issues.


One of the biggest perks of being accurate down to the minute is the amount you can save in your payroll budget. In fact, according to the APA, anywhere from 1-8% of your payroll budget can go to waste if you use paper timesheets.


These ‘time leaks’ can be innocent, or nefarious, so why not eliminate the worry and detective work?

Plus, you can even enhance accountability from employees by having access to insights like location and the device used to clock in. 


All in all, streamlining time collection will cut down on manual data entry and reduce the time it takes to run and process payroll.



Simple for IT

After speaking with technology directors from districts across the country, we’ve learned that IT is often very overworked. Technology departments must work within constantly shrinking time and financial boundaries. 


They are also among some of the first departments to receive budget cuts and have new workloads dumped on them. Toss in issues spawned by COVID-19 like supporting remote learning and we’re talking about a whole new world of stress


Plug and play systems that are easy to use allow IT to spend less time on research, implementation, and reduce support tickets overall.


Moreover, remote support on our behalf means that you don’t have to leave your desk to get help. We proactively seek out potential issues to keep employees clocking in correctly - and keep unnecessary tickets out of your hair.



Easy for Employees

Traditional time tracking can be frustrating and tedious. They must spend time that they aren’t being paid for just to write down and submit their time.


Payroll admins that compile and approve timesheets are burdened as well with correcting errors and chasing down employees for their time.


There is also the scenario where employees may struggle to use a new system and end up neglecting it altogether. If that happens, you have just wasted a bunch of time and money.


Time collection systems with zero learning curve are a great way to gain trust and build accountability - and integration with existing badges makes it effortless to clock in


By providing staff with an easy to use system, you instill confidence in pay accuracy, encourage labor and COVID compliance, and reduce complaints.



Into the Unknown

We are only at what feels like the beginning of learning about COVID-19, which also doubles as a solid wake up call for the unpredictability of the world we live in.


The earlier you invest in safe and efficient measures, the better equipped you’ll be for unpredictability in the future. Systems like ours make collecting employee time simple, compliant, and reliable.


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