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5 Common Time and Attendance User Adoption Problems for HR/Payroll and How to Solve Them

Here’s an uncomfortable truth: employee time capture problems are Time & Attendance problems.


Because if HR/Payroll can’t capture employee time effectively, all the fanciest, most insightful TA systems in the world won’t do them any good.


Here are the most common complaints we hear from HR/Payroll folks regarding TA user adoption:

  • Employees commit time fraud by punching in on mobile before they even enter the building.
  • Employees defraud the clock by buddy-punching for co-workers. (“Bro, I know I’m late but I’m only 10 minutes away… you know my PIN/ID… can you clock in for me?”)
  • It takes too long/too many steps to log in via computer, and employees use this as an excuse to not clock in (creating more manual work for HR/Payroll)
  • Non-tech-savvy employees are hesitant to use computers, so if the correct screen isn’t up (even if the monitor is simply asleep), they walk away and don't even bother trying to clock in (also creating more manual work for HR/Payroll)
  • Long clock-in/out lines are a hassle for everyone.

But the excuses END with Touchpoint.



Touchpoint eliminates user excuses with time clocks and features built to solve those very problems:

  • We prevent time-fraud and buddy-punching by restricting clock-ins to specific time capture methods that can only happen at the clock.
  • Our dedicated time clock units have one function only: clocking in/out. No other programs to contend with, no other steps to take to log in.
  • Our time clocks are people-proof: easy to use, simple interface, and user-friendly.
  • Our quick and easy badge scanning methods eliminate long clock-in lines.

You can kill a lot of birds with one timeclock-shaped stone.


HR/Payroll deals with the brunt of manual work created when employee time capture methods go wrong. Touchpoint can help eliminate their concerns.