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3 Ways We Improve the Time Collection Experience

Partnerships are suuuper cool. In fact, let us tell you about the coolest partnership of all - Frontline and Touchpoint!




Frontline Time and Attendance is a product spawned from a desire to help districts master time tracking once and for all.


Payroll departments get stuck piecing together employee time sheets which not only wastes time and creates unnecessary stress - it also promotes distrust within the workforce by enabling a ‘big brother’ type of environment.


Realizing the need for a product that both admins and employees can rely on, Time and Attendance was born!


Fast forward several years, Time and Attendance is booming. So much so that districts began to ask the burning question “Why must employees crowd around one machine to clock in with their ID and PINs? Isn’t there a device that can process them quickly?”


Our founder, while working in Client Success at Frontline, recognized that hardware was the missing link in the time collection conversation. Thus, Touchpoint came to life and the rest is history.


Now that you’ve learned how we met, let’s get you up to speed on how we work with Frontline to complete the time collection experience for school districts.



Accurate Time Capture


Accuracy is arguably the most important aspect of a time and attendance system to district personnel.


If the system is inaccurate, it ends up creating MORE work for everyone involved, and leaves employees feeling wary on whether or not their paychecks will be accurate. Frontline was very aware of this and made sure accuracy was at the heart of their software.


Our devices directly embody this accuracy mindset by not only providing a seamless, plug and play setup process - but also by going the extra mile to ensure your district stays up and running with features like battery backup and 4G connection so you NEVER miss a clocking event.





Lower Labor Costs


The next facet of Time and Attendance that earns the limelight is Lower Labor Costs. T&A reduces the amount of time spent correcting timesheets, resulting in less money needing to be spent. 


Tasks that bleed funds like piecing together piles of timesheets, correcting overtime issues, and ensuring that every employee earns what they are supposed to are a thing of the past with Frontline T&A. 


Touchpoint fits into this equation by providing time collection hardware that seamlessly integrates and captures time correctly the first time - promoting trust within the workforce and preventing the need to backtrack.





Contactless Scanning


Touch-free methods of time tracking have always been favored due to their speed and ease of use.


In the current climate, the need for contactless methods of interaction has grown exponentially. Our devices allow for flawless time tracking without ever needing to touch.


Tried and true methods like proximity and barcode scanning are great for quick, contactless clock-ins, as well as ridding the work environment of a ‘big brother’ feel by preventing buddy punching


And with the ever changing future, we’re ready to help you meet compliance laws, keep people safe, and continue to effortlessly track time with our Safe-T-Screen - a tool designed to combine discreet questionnaires, thermal screening, and contactless engagements all into one sleek device.





Frontline and Touchpoint have helped hundreds of school districts solve their time tracking troubles and prepare for the future.


Ensure your district isn’t wasting time on the fundamentals, contact us today!

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