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How long do Chromebooks last? Shorter than you think!

Did you know that laptop batteries generally have only 500-550 cycles (one full charge) until they run out? And Chromebooks even less at about 300-500 cycles?


If we assume these devices are being fully charged once a day, it’s easy to deduce that these batteries, and the devices performance will decline after just a year and a half. 


Continuing down this path, laptops and Chromebooks are estimated to be past their usefulness after about 3-5 years


BUT! The bad news is that time clocks are on 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So with a standard battery life of around 6 hours give or take, that would be 4 charges a day! Meaning your chromebooks and DIY time clocks will begin declining in performance after only 125 days... Not ideal! With constant use massively shortening the lifespan of laptops and chromebooks, you will need a reliable device to power your time collection strategy. 


Time clocks are one of the most unassuming, but powerful electronic devices. Time clocks sit at the ready for you and your staff 24/7, 365 and have to be prepared to log every punch so your employees can get paid quickly, correctly, and keep your mind at ease. 


Touchpoint’s time clocks are built specifically to withstand this extensive workload with AnyPlace PoE, 4G NeverDown Technology, and our proactive White Glove Service and Support. Just like time clocks, Touchpoint stands at attention 24/7, 365 ready to help with anything you may need. 


Our sole goal as a company is to make time collection seamless for admins, simple for IT, and easy for employees. We pride ourselves on reliable devices, full scale software solutions, and support throughout every step of your time collection journey. 

Any questions? Reach out to a member of our team for more information!